About the Indicators

Check out the 2018 RVA Snapshot!

The Regional Indicators Project is a way to measure progress on economic and social goals related to our region’s priorities. The indicators assist community leaders, elected officials, and funders in making informed, strategic decisions to drive change. The data quantifies the current state of our region and allows us to compare ourselves to similar communities and measure progress over time.

Key data partners are essential to the Regional Indicators Project. We are pleased to work with the Richmond Regional Planning District Commission and VCU’s Center for Urban and Regional Analysis to ensure ongoing and unbiased research, as well as to select indicators that tell the most meaningful story of our region.

Recently, we were featured on the Community Indicators Consortium’s “Better Know a Community Indicators Project” webinar series! This webinar offers a glimpse at what goes into the Richmond Regional Community Indicators Project and helps provide a better picture of our recent accomplishments! Check out our webinar at the CIC’s website!

RVA Snapshot

The RVA Snapshot: A Shared Vision for Our Region is a printed annual report that highlights selected indicators in each priority area. The 2018 RVA Snapshot is the most up to date regional data available, and is an update to both the 2017 RVA Snapshot and the 2016 RVA Snapshot.

We hope you’ll explore our region’s priorities and learn more about our strengths and challenges. Check out our FAQ for more about the indicators and the priorities.

Funding for the Regional Indicators Project comes from The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia and Robins Foundation, with additional support from the CRC Organizing Council.

Other Community Resources

For more information, check out these great resources that are helping to measure progress and move the needle in the Richmond Region.

Richmond’s Future complements and enhances existing efforts that will enable our region to thrive.

United Way Community Strengths Report 2017 is a compilation of regional demographic and indicator data which is useful for analyzing the stability of Richmond, VA.

The Thriving Cities 2015 report on Richmond provides a look at the city’s “human ecology framework.”

Community Pulse is the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s annual report identifying the region’s most pressing needs.

State of the Commonwealth is an annual report examining the economic, political, and social climate of Virginia.