Job Creation Initiatives

Our Job Creation aspiration is that the region enjoys a diverse economy that is competitive in the global marketplace and provides job opportunities for all.

Why is this Important?

The number of new jobs created through expansion of existing industries and the attraction of new employers is a key determinant of a region’s economic sustainability. Diversification of employment allows a regional economy to weather larger economic trends reflected in unemployment and wage rates.

How are we Moving the Needle?

Our Job Creation Action Team is working to better align efforts in the region to:

  • Develop strategies for job creation that provide a balance for the region – attracting the right kind of jobs in the right places across the region
  • Grow existing businesses by supporting small businesses as well as larger employers
  • Create an environment that nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Leverage regional assets as engines of job creation
  • Transform distressed areas of the community by creating job opportunities in those areas
  • Create a comprehensive regional strategy to guide investment

 Other Resources

The Innovation Council’s Metrics Report provides a data-driven summary of the state of the innovation ecosystem in the Richmond region.