Coordinated Transportation Initiatives

Our Coordinated Transportation aspiration is that the region remains one of the most uncongested transportation networks in the country while supporting all modes of transportation.

Why is this Important?

Coordinated transportation is essential both to building our economy and maintaining a high quality of life. This is true regionally as people often cross geographic boundaries to work, live, and play. This coordination is becoming increasingly important in our global economy where economic opportunities are often related to the mobility of people, goods, and information.

How are we Moving the Needle?

Our Coordinated Transportation Action Team is working to better align efforts in the region to:

  • Develop a process to have and maintain a long term view of transportation for the region
  • Identify priorities and funding sources for regional transportation projects
  • Better connect our region to other metropolitan areas such as D.C., Raleigh, etc.
  • Support logistics and freight movement for more regional opportunities and competitive advantage

Other Resources

Access Across America is an annual report from the University of Minnesota, Center for Transportation Studies.

Plan 2040 is a long term transportation plan for the Richmond Region.

Walk Score assigns a score to any city or address, ranking the walkability of the selected location.

Richmond Regional Mass Transit Study is from the Richmond Regional Planning District Commission and it analyzes transportation shortfalls in Richmond region.

GRTC Comprehensive Operations Analysis is a report from the Greater Richmond Transit Company on the function of their operations.

 Coordinated Transportation Action Team Members

Barrett Hardiman, Chair (Luck Companies)
Alleyn Harned (Virginia Clean Cities)
Andrew Flavin (Dominion Virginia Power)
Andrew Ryan
Andy Alden (Virginia Tech)
Barbara Nelson (Richmond Regional Planning District Commission)
Buck Ward (Segway of Richmond)
Bud Vye (Virginia Bicycling Federation)
Champe Burnley (Partnership for Smarter Growth)
Danna Geisler (Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce)
Danny Plaugher (Virginians for High Speed Rail)
David Green (GRTC Transit System)
Garland Williams (GRTC Transit System)
Jeff Anderson
Jim Ukrop (New Richmond Ventures)
John Raigins (Sport Backers)
Mark Creery (Data Directions Inc.)
Melissa Gay (J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College)
Michael Allen (Virginia Automobile Dealers Association)
Michael Phillips (Virginia Clean Cities)
Michael Testerman (Virginia Rail Policy Institute)
Randy Selleck (Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation)
Ron Kody (Richmond Ford)
Sandhya Kotha (Capital One)
Shawn Garitz (Capital One)
Tim Miller (Richmond 2015)
Todd Martin (Boy Scouts of America)
Tom Coleman
Von Tisdale (Ride Finders)
Nelson Revely (University of Virginia)
Matt Thornhill (Boomer Project)