Current Initiatives

Action Teams


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Our Action Teams are made up of community leaders and subject matter experts. Together we are identifying specific ways that the collaborative efforts of the community, business sector, and government agencies could make a difference in each area.

Controversy History


We are thrilled to be a part of The Valentine’s Controversial History, a community conversation series that helps bring current controversial issues in a new light by highlighting historical perspectives. We help to provide current data from relevant priority areas and close with next steps that the community can do to engage.


Previous topics  have included:

Social Stability: Voting Rights & Redistricting

Job Creation: Immigration

Coordination Transportation: The Interstate Highway System

About the Valentine

The Valentine has been collecting, preserving and interpreting Richmond’s 400-year history for over a century. Located in the heart of historic downtown, the Valentine is a place for residents and tourists to discover the diverse stories that tell the broader history of this important region.


Speaking Engagements

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