Interactive Map That Gives Health Data By Neighborhood

Have you ever wondered how many people in Richmond have arthritis? Diabetes? How many binge drink? What about how many people have health insurance? Well,  this new interactive map provides all of this data and more for 500 of the country’s biggest cities, even splitting into census tracts so you can see data specific to your neighborhood.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took data, some recorded and some self-reported, from telephone surveys, the U.S. Census, and the American Community Survey to create this map as a part of their 500 Cities project. This data is essential to local health care officials and non-profits, allowing them to find out which census tracts need the most help in certain areas. With just a few clicks of a button, it can be determined which areas need help with obesity, which areas do not get enough annual doctor visits, and even which areas need more sleep.

Be sure to check this map out for yourself, and share it with anybody who wants to learn more about their community!