The Changing of Age in America

Day by day, the population in America changes. Children are born almost constantly, and loved ones pass away. However, we are at a point in time where those loved ones are living longer and longer, and those children are being born less than ever. People above the tradition retirement age, 65, are becoming one of the most populated sections of our society, and bringing new worries and concerns with them. How will Social Security continue to pay out? Will they have medical assistance from the government? What next?

The video below talks about one idea for how to deal with all of this change- change our way of thinking. If the lines between adolescence, adulthood, and retirement are blurred, what could happen? The video discusses “The Big Idea” and how it would affect Americans, and why some may be resistant to the change at first. While everyone may not be thrilled about shifting work from the middle of their life towards the end, the idea is certainly one that demands more attention.

Whether or not you agree with some of the video’s points, the fact that change in America needs to take place is something that almost everybody can agree on. To learn more about their cause, visit Vital Pictures’¬†website today.