Charles City Community Pantry

Food insecurity has been a problem in Charles City County for years, with one in every five people not knowing where their next meal is coming from. Over the past 18 months, the Charles City Health Coalition, with support from FeedMore, has spearheaded a campaign to create its first community pantry, and to increase access to healthy food. No one single organization in the county has the capacity to house, staff, and operate a pantry on its own, so collaboration is key. Coalition members have met with community leaders and organizations, pulling together a framework for success. Samaria Baptist Church will host the pantry, provide book-keeping, and has committed to a monthly cash contribution to purchase food. The Clergy Conference has agreed to an adopt-a-month program to help purchase food, and FeedMore will assist with providing shelving and cold storage to make the pantry fully operational.

In addition to the community pantry, the school system in Charles City County has started a back-pack program at the elementary school, sending home easy-to-open, shelf-safe food over the weekend.  Also, the Health Coalition is assisting with efforts to start two community gardens. If you want to help, contribute to FeedMore on Behalf of Charles City, or donate directly to Samaria Baptist Church.