Initiatives of Change

Richmond was recently chosen as one of 14 communities across the United States to implement the Initiatives of Change Initiative Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT).  Initiatives of Change USA (IofC) has been committed to fostering honest conversation, healing history, and building trust in the Richmond Region for over 25 years through its programs and initiatives addressing education, regional development, and the inequities that exist in RVA.

This 3-year $1.7 million project is part of a larger approach to overcoming the structural racism that challenges our community.

Through seed capital from the W.K.Kellogg Foundation, IofC has launched TRHT in Richmond to deepen its collaborative work in the community based on three focus areas: narrative change, relationship building and transformations, which addresses the need for and innovation required to transform structural inequities and drive change.  Through TRHT, IofC is leading a broad based network of partners from many different industries and sectors.

The initiative’s ultimate goal is to see positive impacts on health outcomes for Richmond’s most marginalized communities; higher educational attainment for Richmond’s poorest students; improved access and preparation for decent jobs that pay a living wage; and a public transit system that ferries workers from Richmond’s isolated pockets of poverty to the region’s economic centers.