Transforming Perspectives

In a recent collaboration between Genworth and Senior Connections, the Transforming Perspectives project was completed, involving over 700 people in the Richmond Region in the process. The goal of this project was to highlight the positive and transformative aspects of aging, increase awareness of senior issues, and the resources available to help. RVA artist Colleen Hall pitched the idea to Genworth and Senior Connections, then created the mural based on the surveys and interviews completed by over 170 seniors in the community.

The mural was made into a paint-by-numbers style, so that it was accessible to everyone in the community. This was done by hosting 11 paint parties, where over 500 people (ages 2 to 102) all contributed. Parks, schools, retirement communities, and nonprofits hosted these paint parties, encouraging as much collaboration as possible. The mural is currently on the side of the Senior Connections Building in Richmond as a reminder that aging is an exciting, happy, and graceful part of our journey.

This was a massive collaborative effort that not only involved our Quality Place priority area, but our Healthy Community priority area as well, showing that aging is truly positive. Be sure to visit the mural in person, and learn more about Quality Place and Healthy Community by clicking above!