Collaboration at Work: Girls For A Change

Girl Ambassador Program

Black women are now the most educated group in the US, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. While it’s tough out there for all recent college grads, a new study finds that African-Americans face a particularly difficult situation when it comes to finding a job after school. Recovery, after the recession has been slow for all demographics, but black women are the only group that does not seem to be bouncing back at all in the workforce. Over the years, Girls For A Change has served as a leader in the community for advancing opportunities for black girls and other girls of color in an effort to advocate, mobilize and allocate resources to solve root problems and improve the quality of life for the most untapped population on the planet. The Girl Ambassador Program will help Black girls and other girls of color make the successful transition from upper secondary school to the workforce. In 2018, the Metropolitan Business League recognized Girls For A Change, for the nonprofit of the year which has a mission to inspire Black girls and other girls of color.

Community Partnerships

This regional collaboration between corporations and GFAC is designed to help girls in 9th-12th grades prepare for 21st Century jobs – particularly those in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM). This program seeks to create a pipeline of qualified, ready to work girls of color to fill that need and yield significant opportunities to disrupt generational poverty.  Unfortunately, unconscious biases and perceptions about African Americans still play a significant role in employment decisions in the US. African Americans lack adequate mentoring and networking opportunities for higher level and management positions, sufficient training, and development assignments perpetuate inequalities in skills and opportunities. This program is created to bust through narrow recruitment methods that negatively impact black women and create obstacles for all people of color in the workforce. Additional collaboration with Capital One, VCU, and 804RVA  give girls of color an early opportunity to gain real-life work experience through our Girl Ambassador Program. The girls will have an opportunity to work with top employers, build their skills, and widen their professional network. These vetted partners have committed to diversity and inclusion coaching to help ensure that these experiences are impactful and rewarding for everyone. Through this program, GFAC is introducing black girls to the world and the world to black girls.

Join the Pilot Program

GFAC’s research shows that early access to companies results in improved academic success, substantially higher college enrollment, and will create an experienced, empowered pipeline of women of color that our economy desperately needs. Partners of this pilot program realize an opportunity to create real systemic change that improves entire communities.  Do you want more diversity in your workplace? Looking to hire a trained intern over the summer? Want to add a fresh, young perspective to your company culture? Hire an intern who has already been trained with the necessary skills or host a volunteer in your organization. Learn more at the info click here to apply.