Collaboration At Work: Port of Richmond

The 2015 long-term lease agreement between the City of Richmond and the Virginia Port Authority (VPA) for the Port of Richmond creates one of the greatest economic development opportunities our region has seen.

Samuel S. Young, Jr. - Astyra Corporation
Article by Samuel S. Young, Jr., President of Astyra Corporation & Chair of the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

Richmond’s Future, a local think tank, identified development of the Port as a key to the creation of a logistics hub in our region. The financial strength, global connections and expertise of the VPA combined with the infrastructure work the Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization and the City of Richmond have already begun to jump-start our opportunities and increase the traffic into and out of our Port. The jobs and business opportunities that will be created will benefit not only the city (lifting some of the residents out of the pockets of poverty) but will spread out into the surrounding counties as well. The growth of RVA as a logistics hub is truly a regional opportunity that will require regional cooperation to maximize.


This example of regional collaboration not only brings together multiple partners, but also crosses both our Coordinated Transportation and Job Creation priority areas. Contact us if you have a collaborative story to share.