Confronting School and Housing Segregation in the Richmond Region

“Just 5% of Richmond students are enrolled in at least one AP course, versus about 40% in Chesterfield and Hanover.”

The VCU School of Education, University of Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies, and Home of VA released a very interesting and thorough report on school and housing segregation throughout the Richmond region. A shock to most people, black and white populations within Richmond are more separated today than they were in the 19th century, demonstrating the growing segregation over the past century. This racial discrimination in housing opportunities leads to discrimination in school, and impedes on the equal access to educational opportunities to this very day.

While white students now make up a minority of the region’s enrollment, these students are concentrated in certain schools. A typical black student in the Richmond region goes to school where 66% of their peers are low income, while white and Asian students typically go to school where only 25% of their peers are low income. This racially unequal exposure to poverty is a leading factor for achievement gaps, among other problems.

To learn more about the disparities  in the Richmond region, check out the full report, and look at our Education and Social Stability priority areas!