Load Factor

Load Factor is passenger-miles as a proportion of available seat-miles.

Loading Data

Peer regions were chosen for their comparable size and composition. These same regions have been used for comparison in multiple other studies and reports.

Source: Unites States Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 2015.
Includes all U.S. and foreign carriers. International airport for each region was used as a point of origin. U.S. figure includes airports whether they are international airports or not.
Available seat-miles is a common method of measuring an aiport's person carrying capacity and is equal to the number of seats available multiplied by the number of miles flown.

Why It's Important

The load factor is defined as passenger miles as a proportion of available seat-miles.  This is an indication of air travel demand which signals to the airline additional destinations or flights may be warranted.  The higher the percentage indicates more passengers are flying proportional to the capacity of available seats.